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Thank you for visiting my website. I am a Nebraska artist with roots in New Orleans. As a child, when the holidays would approach, we would always go “look at the lights” along St. Charles Avenue. While everyone else was looking at the moving reindeer and candy canes all wrapped up in lights, Glass PlateI couldn’t take my eyes off of the beveled glass doors and the multicolored lights that would shine through them and create brightly colored abstract designs. It totally fascinated me. During the rest of the year I was drawn to the many stained glass windows in the homes and businesses in New Orleans.

So, in 1979, when I had the chance to take a stained glass class, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I have worked continuously with glass, in a variety of forms, ever since. [Check out my Bio here.] Glass is something that never bores me. It can be cut, etched, cast, fused, slumped, blown, flameworked, coldworked and more. Sometimes you can see through it, sometimes not. The surface of glass can be smooth and shiny, or rough, textured, and uneven. Glass can be functional, or decorative. It can go in a stand, or it can stand on its own. The possibilities are endless!

Please check out my photo gallery. Should you see something you are interested in, or have any questions, please call or e-mail me for more information. Commissioned work is always welcomed.

You are welcomed to stop by my working studio, Studio #105, on the first floor of the Hot Shops Art Center. I am there most every afternoon and early evening. Please call ahead if you want to make sure I am there. Several other locations where my work can be purchased are listed on my Links page.

If you are interesting in learning more about fusing, I also teach a beginning fusing class in my studio at the Hot Shops Art Center.

Thank you for your interest!
– Gerry Klein

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